Zen Pipe Cleaners – Bristle or Soft Pack


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Bristle or Soft pipe cleaners from Zen gently clean the inside of your pipe or anywhere else you need to poke about. Bends and snakes around corners to get to areas pipe tools can’t always reach.

Zen pipe cleaners are made from high quality cotton and fabrics. They were designed based on the pipe cleaners of old, but have double the bristle and fabric count of most competitors.

Zen Pipe Cleaners Feature:

  • Pack of 44 Pipe Cleaners
  • Choose: Bristle or Soft
  • Extra Absorbent
  • Gentle to Use on Any Pipe
  • Length: Standard 6.00″
  • 100% Cotton Filler

Additional information

Bristle or Soft?

Bristle, Soft


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