PUK v2.0 6-Chamber Disc Pyrex Pipe – Blue

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The incredibly unique six chamber PUK 2.0 Pyrex pipe opens up a whole new world of possibilities for stealthy smokers all over the globe. Slip it inside a pocket and safely travel anywhere. A secure magnetic snap-action lid keeps loaded bowls from spilling and spent ones from making a mess with the ash. The advanced NASA-engineered design of the PUK 2.0 puts it in a class all it’s own. There’s not any other piece currently on the market that even comes close to this unique pipe. The convenience of six loaded bowls in one pipe is obvious when break time comes along and you spend more time smoking than you do loading.

This beautiful glass PUK 2.0 is fashioned from heat-resistant Borosilicate (also known as Pyrex.) This durable scientific glass is renowned for it’s uncanny ability to resist staining or any kind of thermal shock. Load all six bowls in privacy and the magnetic snap-action lid will keep them in place no matter how much they may get bounced around between hits. A fully loaded PUK is packed with enough material for even the most copious of smokers to never need to carry a bag or secondary container ever again. Thanks to the PUK’s uniquely innovative design only a single screen is needed for all six bowls, but six brass screens are included in the purchase to make sure you needn’t worry about ash anywhere but in the ash-catch. There isn’t a pipe on the planet that is easier to clean; A single fuzzy pipe cleaner and a dab of cleaning solution will make your PUK shine. Learn what we know and try this 2.75-inch ninth-wonder-of-the-world.


  • Unique, NASA-Engineered Design.
  • Pyrex Glass Construction.
  • Generous 6 Bowl Capacity.
  • Extremely Easy to Clean.
  • Discretely Fits in Any Pocket or Purse.
  • Magnetic Snap Action Lid.
  • Airtight and Very Odor Resistant.

Items Included:?Puk Pipe 2.0,?Six Brass Screens, Aluminum Case with Padded Insert

Warranty Information: PUK Pipes provides a limited warranty for any product defects directly from manufacture.

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Weight 1.1 lbs


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