NicMaxx 5-Pack Cartridge Refills


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NICMAXX cartridge refills. Our proprietary blend of flavors, spices, types of glycols (which create our vapors) and levels of nicotine have created the first?electronic cigarette cartridges smokers are buying to comfortably transition away from traditional cigarettes. NICMAXX will provide you with the full flavor of a traditional cigarette with a level of nicotine that will satisfy.

Regular?Maxx: Full flavor

Regular?Classic Mild:?Mild Full Flavor

Regular Smooth:?Classic Mild Smooth Full Flavor

Menthol Maxx:?Menthol Max Full Flavor

Menthol Classic Mild:?Classic Mild Menthol Full Flavor

  • 1 Cartridge? equivalent to 2 packs of cigarettes
  • Smoke & Odor Free?- smoke anywhere
  • Rich Authentic Flavor designed by smokers for smokers
  • Costs Less Than Regular Cigarettes
  • Lifetime Warranty via NicMaxx

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Tobacco Maxx, Menthol Maxx, Classic Mild, Menthol Mild, Smooth


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